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How to Print Certified Mail Labels and Save Your Money

One of the latest mailing services offered by the post office is the certified mail. Certified mailing has enhanced the traditional mailing services. The certified mail service relies on the certified mail label to achieve its primary goal of providing proof or confirmation that a letter was delivered. A certified mail label is a plain piece of paper that is printed on the color printer then folded and glued on the outside part of envelopes. Other than printing the certified mail label on the envelope, you may consider buying an approved USPS Certified Mail Envelopes and then printing a black ink on the automated mailings.

The USPS Certified Mail Envelopes have a big cellophane window and a green USPS Certified Mail banner that comes in handy when sorting out mails.
The first step to using the certified mail labels is opening an online account on the post office official website. It is important to note that account registration is free of charge. You are required to provide your full official names, physical address, e-mail address, and phone number. To ensure that your account is secure, you must create a strong password that will only be known to you.

The next step is formulating your payment plan. All credit and bank cards are acceptable. The third step is printing the certified mail labels by following the instructions given on your account. Details, such as label reference, the USPS certified mail tracking number, proof of delivery, proof of mailing, and recipients delivery address, will appear on your account when sending a letter.

There are numerous advantages of using the certified mail labels. The first advantage is that the certified mail label is more effective when handling financial transactions compared to the conventional mailing services. For instance, redeeming coupons is more accurate when using the certified mail label. The second advantage is that the certified mail labels are time saving and effective. Since everything is done online, less time is consumed. Moreover, the certified mail labels are time saving since you can print the labels at whatever place you find suitable rather than physically visiting the post office. The certified mail labels can be printed at any time of the day or night.

Thirdly, the certified mail labels are cost-effective. Certified mail labels are cost-effective since one uses the digital confirmation method rather than spending more money to physically track letters. Therefore, making use of the certified mail labels is beneficial since money that would otherwise be used per each letter or package sent is saved. Lastly, the certified mail labels are advantageous since they comply with the mandatory reporting requirement. Using the certified mail labels is the most suitable mailing method since one can access their financial and non-financial transactions saved in a secure portal for a duration of ten years.

The Ultimate Guide to Services

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