Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Old Sofa

For some reason, many people find it difficult to get rid of an old sofa. Everyone seems to grow quite attached to their sofa after a few years and parting can be sorrowful. Although bringing in a new sofa can bring new life to a home, people tend to put off shopping for new furniture until they have no choice. Knowing the warning signs to look for will help individuals to know when their sofa is past its prime.

Signs It is Time for a New Sofa

Knowing when it is time to purchase a new sofa is important. Most people keep their old sofas for much too long and end up feeling forced to make a purchase because their sofa is in such bad shape. The following are some warning signs individuals can look for to determine if they need a new sofa for their home.

  • If a person begins to hear strange creaking sounds whenever they sit down on their sofa, it is likely time to make a new purchase. Creaking sounds mean the hardware and frame that are holding the sofa together have become worn and are no longer strong enough to stand up to daily abuse.
  • Sometimes, a person will move several times over the course of their life. While a sofa might have perfectly fit years ago, it could be too large or too small for a new place. Checking the measurements of the new space will help individuals to make the right sofa purchase.
  • If the cushions and supports have gone flat and the sofa is no longer comfortable, it is time to ditch the old and search for the new. Eventually, the sofa will become quite painful to sit on and needs to be tossed out.
  • An overwhelming odor can sometimes occur over a period of years. Pets, smoking, and cooking odors can all take their toll and make a sofa become a smelly eyesore.

Start Shopping Today

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