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Everything You Need to Know About Botox Treatments

When you laugh or smile, do you see some lines appearing around your eyes? Can you also see some lines in your forehead or even just between your eyebrows? All of these lines that you see are just a normal occurrence of aging. However, what if you want to hide your age lines and do not want to show people what your current age is? Thankfully, you have this so-called Botox treatment as a way to get rid of them even for just a certain amount of time. If you want to learn more about Botox treatments, make sure to view here for more.

What is there to expect during sessions of Botox treatments?

The first thing that you can expect from getting a Botox treatment is that it is very straightforward and pain free. One session can last 20 minutes all depending on the total number of injections that are required on you. Most of the time, such injections are applied between your eyebrows, in your forehead, and around your crow’s feet. The person who be giving you these injections must be certified. Before you will be injected, they will be marking some points to your face using a marking pencil. You do not expect these markings to be placed immediately on your wrinkle and line problem spots. Usually, they will be pointed and injected on parts of your face where your facial muscles contract. After all markings are done, to numb any pain that you might get from the Botox treatment, a topical anesthesia will be used. When the anesthetic sets in, the Botox will be injected to the points of your face that have been marked and just below your skin. You could not feel any pain at all or only get a slight pricking feeling on the sites of injection.

Important reminders after your Botox treatment procedure

Once you are done getting the Botox treatment procedure, take note of the muscles that have been treated in your face and make sure to exercise them for at least one to two hours. Do some squinting, raising of your eyebrows, as well as some frowning. Having these exercises done will ensure to have the Botox injections better get into your muscles. Though doing all of these things can help, not doing them will not have any negative impact on your face at all.

You should not be massaging or rubbing the areas where you have been given some Botox treatments. Within four hours after the Botox treatment procedure was done on you, avoid doing some strenuous exercises with the likes of yoga and heavy lifting. So that you will not have increased risks of getting temporary bruising, make sure to skip taking a sauna or getting a facial after four hours of your Botox treatment procedure.

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