Floating Market Lembang

So for a couple of days, I walked around Bandung, just around Lembang. I don’t have a private car yet, however it doesn’t obstruct my move to go on a beautiful stroll From Jakarta I stopped the Baraya traveling in Slipi, in the space was only ten minutes in the home. I pick to depart at 5.30 to avoid traffic jams and catch up on time so the internet is fulfilled. In this time in Bandung, I had decided to use the motorcycle as a transportation around Bandung, the reason being that besides being cheaper, my motorcycle could freely travel around Bandung without fear of traffic jam, just somewhat horrified since the road to Lembang was uphill and still in the rainy season.

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But Bismillah it’s Okay if it’s raining, and the hubby is also conscious that my dear .ciee: p need to be a rescue drive, don’t use speeding, don’t use it to overtake it in a corner, and definitely read the prayer to be secure and healthful always
I leased a motorcycle in Pelangi Tour, his name was served by Mr. Widdy, the person was friendly and was in fantastic condition! De Rent a motorcycle in Pelangi This tour was given by 2 helmets, and 2 raincoats. So it’s fairly safe when it’s raining, but thanks God, while in road, it’s never been good, God is good, it’s sure to rain when I have arrived in the hotel

Following the escapes arrive in Bandung, the motorcycle can be driven to where I descend out of traveling, so don’t bother searching . The motorcycle is in hand, it’s time to continue the trip to Lembang. my first destination would be the Floating Market Lembang, before going to the Strawberry House. In fact, this hubby used to be a senior high school in Bandung, and he said that he traveled to Lembang, but nevertheless my excursion was spiced ramble somewhat due to a wrong turn’